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Spread the Word about BK Books - The BK Affiliate Network

The BK Affiliate Network

For Your Customers and Online Visitors: A 20% Discount
For You: A 10% Referral Fee

Berrett-Koehler Publishers now offers a referral program that pays you a commission for referring sales to our public BK Website.

Visitors to from your website receive an automatic 20% discount on over 700 books, e-books, whitepapers, audio books, and recorded webinars.

Our program, administered by the Google Affiliate Network, is similar to others such as the Amazon Associates Program or the Barnes & Noble Affiliate Network Program, but ours pays a 10% referral fee, which is higher than most other programs.

Spread the wealth among BK Stakeholders! We want you and your readers to financially benefit from driving traffic and orders to our website. Your readers can receive deep discounts on BK books if they arrive at our site through your referral link. If we receive a sale derived from your online recommendation, you will receive a portion of the sale as our thanks.


1. New Accounts - Apply using this Primary Sign-Up Form if you DON'T yet have an account with the Google Affiliate Network. Don't let the "Publisher" name fool you, that's what Google calls affiliates.

2. Existing Accounts - Apply using this Alternative Sign-Up Form if you DO already have an account with the Google Affiliate Network or Google AdSense. For example, if you are signed up with the Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program, then you already have a google Affiliate Network Account.

3. Watch your email inbox for notification of your approval, first from Google and then from Berrett-Koehler.

4. Sign in to your account and choose from the pre-configured banners or make your own links to your favorite BK books, and then place them on your website, blog, or social network pages.

5. Once you have accumulated $50 in referral fees, we will authorize the Google Affiliate Network to send your first payment. Your earnings will be paid directly from Google AdSense using your preferred payment method.

Free membership! There is no cost to you to become a BK Affiliate. The only investment is your time and energy. Equally, there is no cost to your customers and online visitors. They will receive permanent discounts on BK products through this program.


Your Digital Community Building Team, Bonnie Kaufman and David Marshall, stand ready to assist you in setting up your account.

Thank you for considering this program. Please drop us a line (or invite your webmaster to do so) if you have any feedback or questions.

David Marshall
Director for Digital Communities

Bonnie Kaufman
Digital Community Builder

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